Monday, March 19, 2012

Forever Staycation - Homage to the End of the World Cake (2)


Forever Staycation - Homage to the End of the World Cake

animatronic toy animals, iced sheet cakes, motors, steel, lighting, candy cannon, flash cannons, custom signage, mirrors, timers. Cake was activated March 9, at 8pm.

Forever Staycation - It Girl

featuring Olivia Jane Huffman, 24K gold flakes, rented margarita machine, margarita mix, mirrored table, glasses recovered from Las Vegas Boulevard during the period of December 2011-March 2012

Forever Staycation - In the Air Tonight Experience

repaired drum kit, DVD player, headphones, gallery visitors March 9, recording of Phil Colin's In the Air Tonight from the Miami Vice soundtrack, gorilla hand stool

Forever Staycation - Vampire/Empire

30' tall inflatable gorilla, timer, three tube men, blower fans, strobe light, extension cords, infrared occupancy sensors

Forever Staycation - Intro Wall

color organs, incandescent bulbs, modified track lighting, wiring, broken robotic pony, iPod (featuring soundtrack compiled by Lance Smith)