Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Black Bag

Bag Mouth (above) is a portion of a project for Tacoma's Tollbooth Gallery.

It will open November 18th.

Black Bag is an attempt to make charged scenarios with mechanized toy parts and plastic bags.
Technology and instinct (fear, aggression, care, the search for food) are intertwined in a relationship that is complex and exciting to me. I don't know why my T.V. works better when I hit it, but it does. Focusing my research on animal models offers a critical distance to engage with these questions. Animals are often regarded as living machines that use neurons instead of electronic components to create complex situations. To me this belief, raises as many questions about humans as it does animals.

Some of the pirated machines in Black Bag were originally intended to imitate humans, some animals, and some are undecided (Elmo?). By veiling the toys in plastic bags, I am striving for visceral responses to entirely manufactured, mechanical scenes.